A bathroom can be an oasis, a place to relax and unwind in your home. Whether you change your tiles or receive a full bathroom makeover, 310-RENO is dedicated to designing and building your bathroom according to our high standards and your unique style.
Our designers and project manager’s goal is to save you money while creating your ideal space. Our researchers and engineers have developed methods of construction that exceed that of building codes. We pride ourselves in building bathroom systems that will outlive any warranty available in the market including our own.
The Bathroom Process:
  1. Call 310-RENO or fill out an online estimate to ask questions, get an estimated price and to set up your in-home consultation. Whether you desire a full bathroom makeover or plan on fixing or replacing parts in your bathroom one of 310-RENOÆs specialists will be glad to assist you.

  2. A 310-RENO representative will come to your home at your convenience and gather thorough information to give you an accurate price on your project and set a project schedule.

  3. Your project will be supervised from start to finish by your designer or project manager. The leader on your job will respond promptly to any questions, requests or problems that may arise.
How long will my bathroom makeover take to complete?
The time a bathroom makeover takes to finish depends on the size and amount of work being completed. An average size bathroom makeover can take between 7 and 15 working days.
What is the average cost for a bathroom makeover?
There are three different types of bathrooms you may want to makeover. Each type of bathroom has usage specifications that influence the size of the bathroom, the materials/fixtures you may wish to include, and therefore the overall price of the project.
Powder Room
*Average cost for full makeover typically between: $2,499 - $6,999
Used mainly by guests
Usually two pieces, vanity and toilet
Can be quite small
Family Bath
*Average cost for full makeover typically between: $7,499 - $16,999
Used by multiple family members
Located close to bedrooms in the home
Needs lots of storage
Highly durable materials used
Keep in mind safety features for small children
En-suite Bath
*Average cost for full makeover typically between: $9,499 - $24,999
Typically homeownersÆ private sanctuary
Quite large
Areas for Jacuzzi, tub, stand alone shower, sauna, multiple sinks, dressing area
Often feature custom cabinets, ceramic or exotic tile
Higher end fixtures
*Pricing range is only an average cost for our bathroom renovation projects. However, choices of material as well as different renovation needs can cause great variations in pricing for each individual project. The lower limit of the average cost will only include the cost of construction/building materials and not furnishings and finishing products (tub, vanity, toilet, tile, etc.) The finishing products can vary greatly in price depending on customer selection.
310-RENO offers flexible bathroom renovations. Design your bathroom with or without the help of our designers. Completely makeover your bathroom or replace a specific part of your bathroom (change tub, tiles, etc.). Choose and purchase your own bathroom fixtures or leave the decision to us.
Call 310-RENO today.
All of our installations are guaranteed to meet our strict standard of quality and excellence. All of our installations are backed by a minimum 2 year installation warranty. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your renovation project at completion and for years to come.
Meet the Project Management Team
“An excellent team.I use 310-RENO in my home.”
- John Oakley
AM 640
“These guys are classy and respected my home.”
- Michael Coren
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