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Enjoy peace of mind
with 310-RENO'S
5 year Installation Warranty.


Q: Does it pay to use 310-RENOís professional team for a renovation project?
A: Using professionals in renovation projects has proven to be extremely beneficial to the homeowner. Using 310-RENOís professionally trained team ensures your project is planned, executed and completed artistically, carefully and correctly.

Q: Will a 310-RENO kitchen, bath or basement makeover increase the value of my home?
A: Improving your home with a kitchen, bath or basement makeover can be seen as an investment as it has been proven that renovating can dramatically increase the value of a home.

Q: Are 310-RENOís professional employees on top of the trends?
A: 310-RENO prides itself on setting itself apart from the competition by implementing a dedicated research and design team focused on exploring design trends and structurally sound renovation/construction techniques.

Q: Does 310-RENO guarantee their work?
A: All of our installations are guaranteed to meet our strict standard of quality and excellence. If there is a problem with any installation that is covered under the 310-RENO 5 Year Installation Warranty, your project will be corrected free of charge.

Q: How long will my bathroom renovation take to complete?
A: The time a bathroom makeover takes to finish depends on the size and amount of work being completed. An average size bathroom makeover can take between 7 and 15 working days.

Q: I have called around to different companies to have renovation project completed but my budget is stopping me from starting the job, can 310-RENO help?
A: 310-RENOís professional personnel will do their best to work out a plan to get your project completed within your budget. 310-RENO also offers convenient financing solutions to allow deferral of payments and/or low monthly installments.

Q: My bathroom was tiled by another company but is now cracking and coming up. Will 310-RENO fix problems Iím having with another companies work?
A: 310-RENO has a fix-it-up service specifically designed to help customers with their small jobs and inconvenient household problems. See Our Services for more information.