310-RENO aims to provide upscale designed kitchens that are functional and a delight to spend time in.
Our challenge was to provide custom designed kitchens that would not exceed the budget of an average customer. We met the challenge by incorporating a team of our own kitchen cabinet manufacturers and designers.
Our Difference
Big box stores do not sell complete custom kitchens, but rather the cabinets are standard sizes and customers must build their kitchen around the sizes of stock cabinetry. Much of the design potential for a kitchen is lost in this process. At the same time big box store prices are higher than stock cabinetry should be. The installation of overpriced cabinets further sky rocket the price of a mediocre kitchen.
At 310-RENO we are able to design and build your custom kitchen without any of the added markups found in the typical kitchen and bath or retail/big box stores. Our sophisticated approach and lower overhead costs enable us to continually meet our challenge by providing high-end kitchens that are priced the way they should be.
310-RENO also offers kitchen facelifts for those with a limited budget. A facelift includes the replacement of doors, trim, and often countertops and sinks. This type of low-budget upgrade can make a profound difference in outdated kitchens.
Call 310-RENO to begin your journey towards the kitchen of your dreams!
All of our installations are guaranteed to meet our strict standard of quality and excellence. All of our installations are backed by a minimum 2 year installation warranty. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with your renovation project at completion and for years to come.
Meet the Project Management Team
“An excellent team.I use 310-RENO in my home.”
- John Oakley
AM 640
“These guys are classy and respected my home.”
- Michael Coren
CFRB 1010

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