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   Tile & Stone

Enjoy peace of mind
with 310-RENO'S
5 year Installation Warranty.

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Tile and stone solutions are popular choices for aesthetic and practicality reasons. Tiles can be used in almost any room and has found to be one of the most durable materials you can own on your floors or walls.

Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone are most common tile choices, however a variety of other tile selections are available including glass, stainless steel and other exciting products.

Natural stone has been manufactured by the earth and therefore exhibits unique patterns in a variety of colours, making natural stone an enduring selection around the world.


Properly trained tile installers are rare. Many tile setters do not take time to consider all the crucial factors before tile install is commenced.

Important factors include existing surface conditions, specific measures used in water proofing, strengthening or increase of adhesion. 310-RENO guaranties that your tile setter will be one of those rare cases where all precautions and options are addressed before your tile install begins.

Dial 310-RENO to discover which tile solution will work best for you.